Thursday, 17 January 2013

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Are you looking forward to shiny white teeth that make you appear attractive and charming, well, in that case make sure you get the latest and the best Zoom Teeth Whitening that helps you in attaining pearl white teeth. For all those who are habitual users of tobacco and other harmful products that harm the natural shine of teeth, teeth whitening is an easy way to get back stain free teeth that offer a beaming confident smile. In case you are looking for Zoom Teeth Whitening and complete dental health care package, Vidya Reddy DMD offers a complete range of dental health care facilities such as bonding and veneers, porcelain bridges and crowns, dental implants, Root canal surgery, Periodontal treatment, oral surgery, gum therapy with non surgical ways and sports and night guards for your teeth in a completely cordial and homelike atmosphere where both children and adults can undergo a complete range of cosmetic and general services.

zoom teeth whitening
While looking for a family dentist who can offer you efficient oral health services with the use of state of the art Zoom Teeth Whitening technology, then Vidya Reddy DMD is the dentist for you to get back that pair of shiny white teeth that has grown dull and stained from regular intake of tea, coffee, wine, smoking and tobacco. At Vidya Reddy DND, Zoom Teeth Whitening is performed by highly specialized professionals. It is a reliable and convenient way of attaining sparkling white teeth. The Zoom Teeth cleaning procedure takes 45 minutes and you get an amazing result of 8 average shades with long lasting results. In the process of teeth whitening, Zoom Teeth Whitening gel is applied to your teeth which are then treated with Zoom light. Both the gel and light concentrate on stains and discoloration. This treatment is practiced for three sessions of fifteen minutes each. Once this gets over, you get sparkling white teeth and sport an amazing smile.

At Vidya Reddy DMD, you get a one hour Zoom Teeth cleaning treatment to free your teeth from discoloration, marks and stains that otherwise make you appear dull and unhygienic. So, if you are looking forward to get sparkling white teeth, make sure to get your teeth treated at Vidya Reddy DMD and get a complete range of dental health services. Apart from teeth whitening sessions, you can get take home whitening trays along with dentures, tooth implants and crowns, veneers and bridge treatments. For more information about Zoom Teeth Whitening, visit


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